Application allows you to control forms layout from templates. Uniforms batteries included.

django forms zen uniform
pip install django-zenforms==0.1.7


Django zenforms

I definitely going mad about forms in Django. They keep all layout buisness in python code.

Dragan Babić make a simple yet wonderful form css+jquery framework, called uniforms. I liked it a lot. In this app I tried to save all original Dragan's work and adapt to it.

Since I met great app, django-crispy-forms (ex. django-uni-forms), I promised to myself to do something like that but templates. And I did.


Django way:

<form action="/contact/" method="post">
    {{ form.non_field_errors }}
    {% for field in form %}
        <div class="fieldWrapper">
            {{ field.errors }}
            {{ field.label }} {{ field }}
            {% if field.help_text %}
            <p class="formHint">{{ field.help_text }}</p>
            {% emdif %}
    {% endfor %}
    {% csrf_token %}

Zenforms way:

{% izenform form %}


<form action="." method="post">
{% izenform form1 options no_form_tag=1 %}
{% izenform form2 options no_form_tag=1 %}
<input type="submit" />

Regroup fields? as you wish:

{% zenform form %}
    {% fieldset 'username' title 'User data' %}
    {% multifield 'phone1' 'phone2' as phones label 'Phones' %}
    {% fieldset 'first_name' 'last_name' phones %}
    {% fieldset unused_fields title 'Rest stuff' %}  <!-- you can foget something, zenforms can take care about it -->
{% endzenform %}

Moreover, you can include read-only values from Django models:

{% readonly admin 'username' 'last_name' label 'Information' %}

See full documentation.