Static migration conflict checker for Django

django_migration_checker, django, migrations, python
pip install django_migration_checker==0.4.3



The package allows to detect migration conflicts in Django application via static code analysis. In other words, it doesn't run or import any of your code, but finds and parses Django migration files.

The package should work fine with Python 2.7 and 3.3+, and migrations generated by Django 1.7 and later.


>>> from django_migration_checker import get_conflicts
>>> get_conflicts(app_dir='./django-project/apps')
[('accounts', ['0001_initial', '0002_new_migration'])]
  • Free software: MIT license


pip install django-migration-checker


The initial goal was to have some way to quickly analyze pull requests to a Django project and detect if the new changes introduce migration conflicts if they are merged to master.

Here are a few features:

  • Fast

    No database connections, heavy modules loading, or checks are performed, so why would it be slow?

  • No up-to-date environment needed

    You don't need to have a working Django environment (valid file, all installed dependencies, etc.) to use this package. The only requirement is to have properly generated migration files.

  • No dependencies

    The package doesn't require Django itself, NumPy, left-pad, or any other packages.

Command-line tool

After installing the package you can use the command-line script django-find-conflicts to detect migration conflicts from your console.

Here's how it looks like:

$ django-find-conflicts ./django-project/apps
[('accounts', ['0001_initial', '0002_new_migration'])]

$ django-find-conflicts ./another-django-project/apps
No conflicts detected.


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