Distribute and retrieve files using DNS

pip install dnsbin-cli==0.0.3



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This is the commandline for the dnsbin project (https://github.com/thomas-maurice/dnsbin)

Using the commandline

To use the command line you need to install few packages using pip :

pip install requests dnspython clifactory

Or if you prefer you can install it from pip

pip install dnsbin-cli

Posting a file

dnsbin post someserver.tld file_name

Note that if the file is not ascii only, it will be encoded before being uploaded.

Done ! Your paste has id 87597b44-d913-4740-9091-d9bd62b8f422

Getting a paste

dnsbin get someserver.tld 87597b44-d913-4740-9091-d9bd62b8f422
Paste is 15 chunks long
 * Getting 1.87597b44-d913-4740-9091-d9bd62b8f422 chunk
 * Getting 2.87597b44-d913-4740-9091-d9bd62b8f422 chunk
  ... Some more chunks ...
 * Getting 14.87597b44-d913-4740-9091-d9bd62b8f422 chunk
 * Getting 15.87597b44-d913-4740-9091-d9bd62b8f422 chunk
Your paste :
 ... The text you did paste ! ...

Encrypting a paste with AES

You can now encrypt pastes with AES. You have to use the following syntax :

dnsbin post bin/dnsbin --aes
Encrypting paste with key Kfx0JPViOnQmhqRe

And you can retrieve it with :

dnsbin get 6e151dc9-ea37-421b-b635-d2fc0f4877a6 --key Kfx0JPViOnQmhqRe

Please note that the file will be padded to reach a lengh that is multiple of 16.