Tool which will calculates disk usage statistics of docker registry

docker, registry, gitlab, statistics
pip install docker-registry-statistics==0.1.0


Docker Registry Statistics

This project aims to create tool which will calculate disk usage statistics of docker registry.


Project requires at least Python3.6, next just install package into virtualenv (or system if you don't mind)

pip install gitlab-registry git+


Usage is fairly simple:

docker_registry_statistics  <Path to registry> <Command>

Right now these are implemented commands:

  • statistics
  • orphaned_images
  • unused_blobs

Note that registry path should contain directory structure like docker/registry/v2/... for example this directory for Gitlab by default is /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/shared/registry.

statistics command

Goes through all tags, images and blobs and sumarized disk usage statistics, per repository and overall disk usage of registry.

orphaned_images command

Lists all images that are no longer used as a current image for tag under which they were pushed.

unused_blobs command

Lists all blobs that are not used by any image and are just using up disk space.