Python module for managing dotfiles easily

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pip install dotez==0.0.3


Dotfiles made easy with Python and Git


  • Git
  • Python3 (not and not going to be tested on python2)
  • For more go check requirements.txt


pip install dotez

Quick Start

Go to anywhere in your system, run:


and dotez will create a directory called dotez (we will call this the data dir) under your home directory, and a git repository is created under the data dir. Also, the files specified in the configuration file will be added and committed through git.

By default, dotez doesn't print anything, so to see the results you can go to the data dir and run:

git log

and it will show something like this:

commit  ... (HEAD -> master)
Author: ...
Date:   ...

    Update 9 files

    File list: ['~/.config/nvim', '~/.config/scripts', '~/.bashrc', '~/.Xresources', '~/.ideavimrc', '~/.profile', '~/.xprofile', '~/.xinitrc', '~/.xsessionrc']



The configuration of dotez is written in json. And dotez loads the first configuration file that exists in the following path and order.

  • ~/.config/dotez.conf
  • ~/.dotez.conf

By default the configuration is:

  "includes": [
  "ignores": [
  "remotes": [
      "name": "github",
      "url": "",
      "push": true
      "name": "gitlab-read",
      "url": "",
      "push": false

includes and ignores

The most important parts of the file are includes and ignores. includes specifies which files to be added into the git repository, and ignores specifies which files to exclude/ignore.

Both of them supporting filename globbing. More info on globbing here.

In addition to globbing, you can use environment variables, such as $HOME, $CONDA_PREFIX etc.

NOTE there are several things to notice:

  • the rules in ignores ALWAYS OVERRIDE includes if a files/dir matches both of them.
  • no errors or warnings are reported if nothing matches either of the rules.

One useful way to test your configuration is:

dotez --test

And the output is like:

Files to be added:  ['~/dotez/.config/nvim', '~/dotez/.config/scripts', '~/dotez/.bashrc', '~/dotez/.Xresources',
'~/dotez/.ideavimrc', '~/dotez/.profile', '~/dotez/.xprofile', '~/dotez/.xinitrc', '~/dotez/.xsessionrc',
'~/dotez/.dotez.conf', '~/dotez/.tmux.conf', '~/dotez/.dotez.conf', '~/dotez/.xinputrc', '~/dotez/.monitrc',
'~/dotez/.netrc', '~/dotez/.gemrc', '~/dotez/.condarc', '~/dotez/.nvidia-settings-rc', '~/dotez/.xsessionrc',
'~/dotez/.xinitrc', '~/dotez/.npmrc', '~/dotez/.ideavimrc', '~/dotez/.dmrc', '~/dotez/.bashrc', '~/dotez/.yarnrc',
'~/dotez/.jackdrc', '~/dotez/.xbindkeysrc']