dict object with support for addressing keys in dot notation.

dotted, dict, dotted_dict
pip install dotted-dict==1.1.3



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A light weight extension of the default python dict object. This allows for the use of key names as object attributes.

Simple usage

In [1]: from dotted_dict import DottedDict

In [2]: example = DottedDict()

In [3]: example['foo'] = 1

In [4]:
Out[4]: 1

In [5]: = 2

In [6]: example
Out[6]: DottedDict({'bar': 2, 'foo': 1})

In [7]: del example['foo']

In [8]: del

In [9]: example
Out[9]: DottedDict({})

Also allows passing in of values in same manner as normal dict objects.

In [10]: example = DottedDict({'foo': 1, 'bar': 2})

In [11]: example
Out[11]: DottedDict({'bar': 2, 'foo': 1})

Issues with invalid characters. A valid key name in the scope of this library must conform to the following regex [a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*$. In the case where your key name does not conform, the library will mutate your key to a safe format. Spaces and invalid characters are replaced with _. In the case of the key beginning with an int, a leading _ is added.

In [12]: DottedDict({'My fun key': 1, 'John\'s': 1, 'Mr. Man': 1})
Out[12]: DottedDict({'John_s': 1, 'Mr__Man': 1, 'My_fun_key': 1})

In [13]: DottedDict({1: 2})
Out[13]: DottedDict({'_1': 2})