Helper framework to augment Click.

pip install double-click==0.2.16


Double Click

Click + API session management, simple async http requests, Markdown generation, user auth, http response to MVC (plus file caching), and some nice helper functions sprinkled in

Why use Double Click?

Double Click removes the boiler plate of API centric CLIs with features like:

  • User permissions - Hide command if user doesn't have access
  • HTTP Session management - refresh auth during long running async operations
  • HTTP Sessions tied to a user - Allows for things like all_roles = {**google_session.user.access, **duo_session.user.access
  • Use HTTP response for click.Choices instead of hard coded values that may not be viable e.g. users
  • Normalizing a requests.Response object to a human readable value
  • Catching exceptions during async http requests and normalizing to a human readable value
  • Displaying complex structures like a bullet list, table, or code snippets in the terminal.
  • Local file caching for large API responses with custom TTL