User interaction utilities for discord.py.

pip install dpy-ui==0.2.1


discord.py UI

An extension package for anything relating to user input and interactions.

Ever wanted to make a prompt for your users? Maybe a cool paginator? dpy-ui will make it all happen in simple, easy to remember functions and classes.


Requires Python 3.6+

pip install -U dpy-ui

Development version

pip install -U git+https://github.com/Ikusaba-san/discord.py-ui.git


git clone git+https://github.com/Ikusaba-san/discord.py-ui.git
cd discord.py-ui
pip install -U .[voice]

Then once it's installed, you can import it via

from discord.ext import ui

Quick Examples

Prompt the user for some input

name = await ui.prompt(ctx, 'What is your name?')
await ctx.send(f'Ok, your name is {name}')

Choose between a list of choices

choices = ['red', 'blue', 'green', 'yellow']
colour = await ui.select(ctx, 'What is your favo(u)rite colo(u)r?', choices)

# Want buttons instead of text? No problem.

choices = [
    ui.Choice('Very Happy', button='😄'),
    ui.Choice('Happy', button='🙂'),
    ui.Choice('Neutral', button='😐'),
    ui.Choice('Sad', button='😦'),
    ui.Choice('Very Sad', button='😢'),
feeling = await ui.select(ctx, 'How are you feeling today?', choices)

Make a simple paginator

def some_statements():
    for i in range(20):
        yield f'This is sentence {i}'

def format_page(page):
    return f'This is a page\n{page}'

paginator = ui.Paginator(some_statements(), page_formatter=format_page)
await paginator.start(ctx)

# And to chunk it:

def format_chunk(chunk):
    # Formatters can return embeds too
    return discord.Embed(description='\n'.join(chunk))

paginator = ui.Paginator.chunked(some_statements(), 10, page_formatter=format_chunk)
await paginator.start(ctx)

Make a custom session

class MySession(ui.Session):
    async def send_initial_message(self):
        return await self.context.send('Say hi or click the thinking face.')

    async def think(self, payload):
        await self.context.send('Thinking a lot...')

    async def quit(self, payload):
        await self.stop()
    async def say_hello(self, message):
        await self.context.send(f'Hello, {message.author.mention}!')

session = MySession(timeout=120)
await session.start(ctx)