DynamoDB Query Language

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pip install dql==0.5.27



Build: build coverage
Documentation: http://dql.readthedocs.org/
Downloads: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/dql
Source: https://github.com/stevearc/dql

A simple, SQL-ish language for DynamoDB

Getting Started

The easiest way to use DQL is to download and run the install script:

curl -o install.py https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stevearc/dql/master/bin/install.py
python install.py

This will create a standalone dql file that you can run. If you would instead like to install it with pip:

pip install dql

Here are some basic DQL examples to get you going:

Start the REPL:

$ dql

Creating a table:

us-west-1> CREATE TABLE forum_threads (name STRING HASH KEY,
         >                             subject STRING RANGE KEY,
         >                             THROUGHPUT (4, 2));

Inserting data:

us-west-1> INSERT INTO forum_threads (name, subject, views, replies)
         > VALUES ('Self Defense', 'Defense from Banana', 67, 4),
         > ('Self Defense', 'Defense from Strawberry', 10, 0),
         > ('Cheese Shop', 'Anyone seen the camembert?', 16, 1);


us-west-1> SCAN * FROM forum_threads;
us-west-1> SELECT count(*) FROM forum_threads WHERE name = 'Self Defense';
us-west-1> SELECT * FROM forum_threads WHERE name = 'Self Defense';


us-west-1> UPDATE forum_threads ADD views 1 WHERE
         > name = 'Self Defense' AND subject = 'Defense from Banana';
us-west-1> DELETE FROM forum_threads WHERE name = 'Cheese Shop';

Changing tables:

us-west-1> ALTER TABLE forum_threads SET THROUGHPUT (8, 4);
us-west-1> DROP TABLE forum_threads;

And don't forget to use help!