DynamoDB Query Language

aws, dynamo, dynamodb, sql, python
pip install dql==0.6.2



Build: build coverage
Documentation: http://dql.readthedocs.org/
Downloads: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/dql
Source: https://github.com/stevearc/dql

A simple, SQL-ish language for DynamoDB

As of November 2020, Amazon has released PartiQL support for DynamoDB. You should investigate that first to see if it addresses your needs.

Getting Started

Installation can be done in a variety of ways

  • An executable pex file is available on the release page.
  • You can run a script to generate the pex file yourself: curl -o- install.py https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stevearc/dql/master/bin/install.py | python
  • With pip: pip install dql


Here are some basic DQL examples to get you going:

Start the REPL:

$ dql

Creating a table:

us-west-1> CREATE TABLE forum_threads (name STRING HASH KEY,
         >                             subject STRING RANGE KEY,
         >                             THROUGHPUT (4, 2));

Inserting data:

us-west-1> INSERT INTO forum_threads (name, subject, views, replies)
         > VALUES ('Self Defense', 'Defense from Banana', 67, 4),
         > ('Self Defense', 'Defense from Strawberry', 10, 0),
         > ('Cheese Shop', 'Anyone seen the camembert?', 16, 1);


us-west-1> SCAN * FROM forum_threads;
us-west-1> SELECT count(*) FROM forum_threads WHERE name = 'Self Defense';
us-west-1> SELECT * FROM forum_threads WHERE name = 'Self Defense';


us-west-1> UPDATE forum_threads ADD views 1 WHERE
         > name = 'Self Defense' AND subject = 'Defense from Banana';
us-west-1> DELETE FROM forum_threads WHERE name = 'Cheese Shop';

Changing tables:

us-west-1> ALTER TABLE forum_threads SET THROUGHPUT (8, 4);
us-west-1> DROP TABLE forum_threads;

And don't forget to use help!