A collection of useful functionality on top of Django REST Framework.

pip install drf-toolbox==0.1.7


Welcome to DRF Toolbox

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drf-toolbox is a general set of enhancements for the excellent Django REST Framework, which enables fully-featured REST APIs written on top of Django.

This project represents a collection of features to complement the basic functionality provided by DRF, in particular:

  • Nesting models' API endpoints
  • Enhanced serialization, including:
    • The ability to show full, nested relationships, or a subset of fields
    • Optional use of UNIX timestamps in JSON models
    • Enhanced API endpoint serialization, using get_absolute_url.
  • Built-in support for fields provided by django-pgfields

Installation & Dependencies

drf-toolbox can be installed using the usual means:

pip install drf-toolbox

drf-toolbox requires Django 1.6 or higher, and Django REST Framework 2.3.10 or higher. If the django-pgfields are being used, 1.5.1 or higher is expected.


New BSD.


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