Decision Optimization utilities for IBM Watson Studio projects

pip install dse-do-utils==



Decision Optimization utilities for IBM Watson Studio Local and ICPd projects.

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This repository contains the package dse_do_utils. This can be installed using pip.

Main classes:

  1. ScenarioManager. Reads and writes table data from and to all combinations of csv-files, Excel spreadhseet and DO scenario.
  2. DataManager. A DataManager is mostly a container for data and functions for pre- and post-processing. Can be subclassed and stored in a script to be able to share code between multiple notebooks. Also contains some utilities for data manipulation, like the crossjoin.
  3. OptimizationEngine. Also mostly a container for functions around creating an optimization model and using the docplex APIs. Can be subclassed and stored in a script to be able to share code between multiple notebooks. Also contains some functions to create dvars and export .lp files.
  4. ScenarioPicker. Interactively pick an existing scenario from a drop-down menu in a notebook. Typically used in visualization notebooks.
  5. MapManager. For creating map visualizations using Folium.
  6. DeployedDOModel. Interfacing from Python to a deployed DO model.


Recommend to install in the ../packages/python folder by running the following in a notebook cell:
Regular install:

!pip install dse-do-utils --target='../packages/python'

Force a released version to ensure compatibility (advised):

!pip install dse-do-utils== --target='../packages/python'

Force a clean re-install of a released version:

!pip install --force-reinstall dse-do-utils== --target='../packages/python' --upgrade

Install from TestPyPI (deprecated, version on TestPyPI is not updated):

!pip install -i https://test.pypi.org/simple/dse-do-utils --target='../packages/python'

See also Installing packages and modules for Decision Optimization projects in Watson Studio Local


Import the dse_do_utils from the ../packages/python folder.
First add the folder to the Python path:

import sys, os
for folder in ['packages/python', 'scripts']:
    path = os.path.join(os.environ['DSX_PROJECT_DIR'], folder)
    if path not in sys.path:
        sys.path.insert(0, path)

Then import the required classes from the package:

from dse_do_utils import ScenarioManager, DataManager

Target environments

To be used within:

  1. Watson Studio Local v1.2.3 (which requires Python 2.7).
  2. ICPd 1.2 or 2.1 (which requires Python 3.6) Currently the dse_do_utils is maintained WSLv1.2.3 in Python 2.7. and tested against ICPd with Python 3.6.


This package requires:

  1. dd-scenario. This package provides an interface to the DO scenarios. This package is only available within WSL and ICPd. It cannot be pip installed in other environments.
  2. docplex. This package interfaces with the CPLEX and CP Optimizer optimization engines.
  3. folium. Map visualization. Only for the MapManager.