A python package that implements dynamic bayesian networks models on time series data

pip install dyban==0.1



This package is intended to be used for Network Reconstruction of Dynamic Bayesian Networks.

To test the algorithm on the Yeast data set run the bash script. Example to run a Non-Homogeneous Dynamic Bayesian Network

  sh yeast_pipeline.sh -m nh-dbn

Where -m denotes the method to use

  • 'h-dbn' -> Homogeneous Dynamic Bayesian Network
  • 'nh-dbn' -> Non-Homonegeneous Dynamic Bayesian Network
  • 'seq-dbn' -> Sequentially Coupled Dynamic Bayesian Network
  • 'glob-dbn' -> Globally Coupled Dynamic Bayesian Network

This will be the readme of the package. Github-flavored Markdown for reference.

  • Run this command to install the package locally
  pip install .


  pip install -e .

To be able to edit the source code and (hot-reload) updates?

To run the python profiler use the bash script:

  sh algorithm_profiling.sh

In order to be able to see the profiler results you need to have 'kcachegrind'

   sudo apt-get install -y kcachegrind