REST API wrappers & modeling framework for APIs.

pip install e2e.api==0.1.0




e2e.api is still in active development and should be treated as an alpha package.

This project follows SemVer. It is expected that the first major release (1.x) will differ in API functionality slightly from the alpha/beta track (0.x), but most differences will be internal.

Python 3.5+ is currently required. No support for 2.x is ever planned since it is soon to be unsupported. Earlier 3.x versions may be supported if someone can wrangle the type-hinting out into stubs instead of with the source.

Please feel free to file any issues and suggestions even during the early development phases.


Provides simplified and wrapped usage of the common requests package, focusing on,

  • Session-based client which can get and store cookies
  • Sane defaults for working with RESTful APIs (10.0 sec timeout, fresh Sessions)
  • Work with relative URIs (e.g. '/api/v1/comments') versus concatenating with root URLS
  • Built-in status checking, raising :py:class:`~e2e.api.exceptions.UnexpectedStatusError`
  • Rich info on errors (underlying connection errors or status errors)

With requests,

# requests: Don't forget the timeout on every request!
import requests
session = requests.Session()
base_url = "http://foo.bar"

# Source of error: Add '/' or not? Does base_url have an ending '/'?
# Source of error: If you forget timeout=, then this could wait forever! (not good in an automation environment)
session.options(base_url + '/api/version', timeout=2.0)
session.get(base_url + '/api/version', timeout=2.0)

# On error, all you know is status != 204, maybe more with pytest
response = session.post(base_url + '/api/v1/data', json={'username': 'foobar'}, timeout=2.0)
assert response.status_code == 204
>>> E    AssertionError: 500 != 204

With e2e.api,

 from e2e.api import RestApi
 foo_api = RestApi("http://foo.bar")  # Sane timeout of 10.0 sec if not specified


 # Much more info on failure
 foo_api.post('/api/v1/data', json={'username': 'foobar'}, expected_status=204)
 >>> E   e2e.api.exceptions.UnexpectedStatusError: Unexpected status (500 Internal Server Error) from 'POST http://foo.bar/api/v1/data'
 >>> E       Request params (next line):
 >>> E           {'json': {'username': 'foobar'}}
 >>> E       Response JSON (next line):
 >>> E           {
 >>> E               "message": "A fatal error occurred, please try again later."
 >>> E               "error_id": "some.error.code.hw4gSD0"
 >>> E           }

Even simpler, custom :py:class:`e2e.api.RestApi <e2e.api.api.RestApi>` classes can be extended with :py:class:`e2e.api.endpoint.BasicEndpoint` s.

from e2e import api

class MyApi(api.RestApi)
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.data = api.endpoint.BasicEndpoint(self, '/api/v1/data')
        self.version = api.endpoint.BasicEndpoint(self, '/api/v1/version')

my_api = MyApi('http://foo.bar')
my_api.data.post(json={'username': 'foobar'}, expected_status=204)