A LAN based electronic clinical management system

eclinic, Electronic, Medical, Database
pip install eClinic==1.0


e-Clinic <<<

This is a clinical patient database software designed for use in a clinic or hospital that is designed to work on a LAN. It is intended for keeping a record of all patients who visit the facility. The software requires a few dependencies for it to run on any windows machine. These Include: (1) Wampserver with apache2 sever, mysql and php (2) Microsoft Office preferably version 2010-2016 (3) A LAN

It currently only runs on windows 64-bit Machines, but compilation for other versions of windows and Linux will be released soon.


  1. Reception

--> This is where a patient is saved into the system. The patient is automatically seen by the Cashier. 2. Cashier

--> Acts a link to all departments. After Payment of consultation fee, the patient can be seen by clinicians. After payment of Lab Fees, they can be seen in the laboratory, and when they pay for medication, it's when they appear in the pharmacy. A cashier does the billig and issuing of receipt(if necessary). Receipts are generated automatically.

  1. Clinician

--> This should be a doctor, clinical officer or Nurse. A doctor is charged with entering the patient history and clinical examination findings, request for investigations and prescribe treatment. Treatment is entered in a specially designed spreadsheet-like form specifying all the required parameters like, DrugID, Drug Name, Dose, Route, Instructions, No of days.

  1. Laboratory

    If Lab fees have been paid at Cashier, the patient appers in the lab pending list with the tests the clinician had requested. After running all the tests, he enters the results in their respective fields and the clinician will know automatically.
  2. Administrator

The system also has an admin panel. The admin is responsible for creating database entering, updating, deleting the following: ==> database users table ==> drugs table ==> procedures table ==> usables table

The Admin panel also has a MySQL Consel connected to the database. This can be used to run special sql commands, run subqueries and analyse data provided the admin has some knowledge of SQL.


-Printing of lab requets if desired. -Printing of medical reports using MsWord -Printing of CBC Results in a nice table format -Printing of other labresults with their normal ranges -Printing of receipts


Configure server.ini file used for connecting to the database. Configure Custom Hospital preferences and a logo from the preferencies Menu Configure Lab Normal ranges Configure CBC normal ranges Add users to users database table

Developer: Dr Abiira Nathan Mobile: +256-785-434-581 email: Link to Repository: Version: 1.0 Licence: GPL