The EDXML Software Developers Kit

edxml, sdk, xml
pip install edxml==3.0.0.dev2



EDXML is a versatile, simple and semantic data representation that facilitates complex data integration projects.

This repository contains the EDXML Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK features the edxml Python package as well as a number of example Python applications, which demonstrate inspecting and validating EDXML data.

For developing EDXML processing scripts based on the Python classes offered by the edxml package, all you need to do is install the edxml package into the Python library path of your development system. Symlinking the edxml subdirectory to the location of your Python script will also work. Or just use Pip.

The SDK is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, which means that both Open Source and commercial software can be based on it, as long as you meet the conditions outlined in the license document.

Please visit edxml.org to learn more about EDXML.