a python package for stitching EM images

pip install em_stitch==0.2.5


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Lens correction solver and stitching utilities for EM images.

This repo has overlap with https://github.com/AllenInstitute/asap-modules

It is meant to be independent of asap-modules and a running render server.


This package is pip-installable with pip install em-stitch

installing from this repo can be accomplished with python setup.py install

Optional dependencies

The performance of em-stitch can benefit from the installation of pandas and will use it when available. Bigfeta will use petsc4py to implement its solver if available, which can improve memory utilization and performance.


We are not currently supporting this code, but simply releasing it to the community AS IS but are not able to provide any guarantees of support, as it is under active development. The community is welcome to submit issues, but you should not expect an active response.

Acknowledgement of Government Sponsorship

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