pip install emeki==0.1.9



This is my first python package published on PyPI.


Install as follows.

$ pip install emeki

After a successful installation, it can be run from the command line:

$ emeki

Python command line tool project creation

Emeki includes a command line tool for setting up a project as a base for the implementation of a python command line tool that can be installed via pip. Use the flag --init_pro to run it:

$ emeki --init_pro

It will ask for the name of the author, the name of the project and a directory, where the files will be put. The files include the base structure of a python project including documentation with Sphinx and testing functionality. The main commands to run this project are collected in a PowerShell script make.ps1. Unfortunately there is not yet an Unix version available.

Python library

Alternatively, it can be used as a python library. It mainly provides some functionality for coping with the file system and for testing.

from emeki.util import str2bool

b = str2bool("true")


Some changes that are planned to be implemented in the future:

  • Fix deprecation warning for project creation
  • Inlcude PyPI username specification during setup (and password saving?)