Simple Microservice Development Framework

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pip install ergo==0.4.14a0



Simple Microservice Development Framework

Ergo is the substrate for the rapid development of coordinated microservices.

The primary emphasis with Ergo is to eliminate - as much as possible - the boilerplate infrastructure that is common to most software stacks to facilitate a larger developer emphasis on business-oriented development. This is achieved with inversion of control and procedural injection.

For example; Consider the following python function in a file


def product(x, y):
    return float(x) * float(y)

Ergo provides the tooling to bootstrap this simple function into any one of a variety of environments (eg. console application, http service, MQ worker, etc.)

To start an http service for the above function:

$ ergo http

then to make a request against this service

$ curl -i "http://localhost?4&5"
{"result": 20.0}