Rule based particle reaction problem solver on a quantum number level

HEP, PWA, amplitude, analysis, partial, wave, particle, physics, particles, conservation-rules, particle-physics, quantum, reaction, rule-based, state-transition-graph
pip install expertsystem==0.7.3


PWA Expert System

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Visit for an introduction to the Particle Wave Analysis Expert System!

For an overview of upcoming releases and planned functionality, see here.

Available features

  • Input: Particle database
    • Source of truth: PDG
    • Predefined particle list file
    • Option to overwrite and append with custom particle definitions
  • State transition graph
    • Feynman graph like description of the reactions
    • Visualization of the decay topology
  • Conservation rules
    • Open-closed design
    • Large set of predefined rules
      • Spin/Angular momentum conservation
      • Quark and Lepton flavor conservation (incl. isospin)
      • Baryon number conservation
      • EM-charge conservation
      • Parity, C-Parity, G-Parity conservation
      • CP-Parity conservation
      • Mass conservation
    • Predefined sets of conservation rules representing Strong, EM, Weak interactions
  • PWA formalisms (for amplitude model generation)
    • Helicity formalism
    • Canonical formalism
    • Tensor formalisms
  • Amplitude model: Convert the state transition graphs to an amplitude model that is mathematically expressed with SymPy and can be converted to any backend (see tensorwaves).