Polish git versioned source code using Fabric

pip install fab-polish==1.2.0


Fab Polish

Run various checks against source code using Fabric


pip install fab-polish


Minimal Usage

Create a fabfile.py in your source code with the following minimal code:

from fabpolish import polish
from fabpolish.contrib import find_merge_conflict_leftovers

Now run fab polish. The above example runs a sniff that finds bad merge commits by checking if symbols like '<<<<<<<' are present in the versioned files.

Writing Sniffs

You can create your own sniff by using the sniff decorator:

from fabpolish import polish, sniff, local, info

@sniff(severity='critical', timing='fast')
def check_var_dump():
    info("Checking var_dump statements...")
    return local("! git grep 'var_dump'")

Severity can be 'critical', 'major', 'minor', 'info'. Default is 'critical'. Timing can be 'slow', 'fast'. Default is 'fast'.

When using default values, the sniff decorator can be used without the function call like so:

def your_sniff():
    # code

Check https://github.com/practo/FabPolish/blob/master/fabpolish/contrib.py for more examples.

Modifying Imported Sniffs

The severity, timing values can be altered for any sniff imported from contrib using update_sniff function like follows:

from fabpolish import update_sniff
from fabpolish.contrib import find_pep8_violations

update_sniff(find_pep8_violations, severity='major', timing='fast')

Running All Sniffs

By default fab polish runs only fast-critical and fast-major sniffs. In a CI environment, to run all the sniffs including slow, minor ones, run fab polish:ci