Set of Fabric functions to help deploying websites.

pip install fabliip==0.3.9



Fabliip is a set of functions aimed at helping developers deploy their websites. It is meant to be used as part of Fabric scripts to ease for example the backup of a database, the upgrade of a remote git repository, etc.


Install it with pip:

pip install fabliip


Docs are hosted on readthedocs:

You should be able to to get an idea on the different helpers Fabliip provides by browsing the source code, but here's a minimal example that will allow you to easily enable/disable the maintenance mode on a Drupal site:

from fabric.api import env, task
from fabliip import drupal

def prod():
    env.project_root = '/var/www/mysite'
    env.drupal_root = os.path.join(env.project_root, 'src')
    env.hosts = ['']

def enable_maintenance_mode():

You should now be able to call fab prod enable_maintenance_mode to enable the maintenance mode on your prod instance.

The env.project_root variable is important here because it's needed by the drupal module. Please refer to the docs of any module you use to check if there's any env variable that must be defined.