Fabric integration with Digital Ocean

pip install fabric-digitalocean-tools==0.1


fabric-digitalocean-tools - Tools to integrate Fabric with Digital Ocean

Tools to better integrate Fabric with Digital Ocean

  • Automagically assign Fabric roles based on tags set on Droplets. For example, deploy code only to web servers (see example below)
  • Feel free to send pull request with your own helpers that you use with Fabric and Digital Ocean


  • pip install fabric-digitalocean-tools


When running your fab command (in the example below fab deploy_webserver), make sure to have an environment variable named TOKEN or DO_TOKEN with an API token from Digital Ocean. The token only requires read-only rights. You can obtain the token by going to the API tab.

Example fabfile

from fabric.api import *
from fabric_digitalocean_tools import *

def deploy_webserver():
    run("do something")

# Set the path to your key file and the default user (usualy root)
env.key_file = "path_to_key_file"
env.user = "root"

# Runs every time you run "fab something".
# Add it at the end of the file to make sure it runs each time.