Fast & Fake Backfill Airflow DAGs Status

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pip install fakefill==1.0.1


Airflow Fakefill Marker

Due to migrating to Kubernetes-host Airflow and using different backend, we need to find out a way to fill out all the history since its starting date for thousands of dags. To make this process going faster and easier, in the meantime, I didn't find this kind of tool on Github, so I implement this simple tool to help with marking dags as success. Hope it can also help others.


Method 1

$ pip install fakefill

Method 2

$ pip install git+https://git@github.com/benbenbang/airflow_fastfill.git

Method 3

$ git clone git@github.com:benbenbang/airflow_fastfill.git
$ cd airflow_fastfill
$ pip install .


$ fakefill

It takes 1 of 2 required argument, and 6 optional arguments. You can also define them in a yaml file and pass to the cli.

  • Options

    • Required [1 / 2]:

      • dag_id [-d][reqired]: can be a real dag id or "all" to fill all the dags
      • config_path [-cp][choose one]: path to the config yaml
    • Optional:

      • start_date [-sd]: starting date, default will be counted from 365 days ago
      • maximum_day [-md]: maximum fill date per dag, rangint: [1, 180]
      • maximum_unit [-mu]: maxium fill unit per dag, rangint: [1, 43200]
      • ignore [-i]: still procceed auto fill even the dag ran recently
      • pause_only [-p]: pass true to fill dags which are pause
      • confirm [-y]: pass true to bypass the prompt if dag_id is all
      • traceback [-v]: pass print our Airflow Database error


Fill all the dags for the past 30 days without prompt, and only fill if all the dags which have status == pause

$ fakefill -d all -p -md 30 -y

Run fastfill for dag id == dag_a by counting default fakefill days == 365

$ fakefill -d dag_a

Run fastfill with config yaml

$ fakefill -cp config.yml

The yaml file needs to be defined with two dictonary types: dags and settings. For dags section, it needs to be a list, while the settingssection is dict


  - dag_a
  - dag_b
  - dag_c

  start_date: 2019-01-01
  maximum: "365"
  traceback: false
  confirm: true
  pause_only: true