Multipart form parsing for Falcon.

falcon, multipart
pip install falcon-multipart==0.2.0


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Parse multipart/form-data requests in Falcon


pip install falcon-multipart


Add the MultipartMiddleware to your api middlewares:

from falcon_multipart.middleware import MultipartMiddleware

api = falcon.API(middleware=[MultipartMiddleware()])

This will parse any multipart/form-data incoming request, and put the keys in req._params, including files, so you get the field as other params.

 Dealing with files

Files will be available as cgi.FieldStorage, with following main parameters:

  • file: act as a python file, you can call read() on it, and you will retrieve content (as bytes)
  • filename: the filename, if given
  • value: the file content in bytes
  • type: the content-type, or None if not specified
  • disposition: content-disposition, or None if not specified


# Say you have a form with those fields:
# - title => a string
# - image => an image file

def on_post(req, resp, **kwargs):
    title = req.get_param('title')
    image = req.get_param('image')
    # Read image as binary
    raw = image.file.read()
    # Retrieve filename
    filename = image.filename