Fedex Web Services API wrapper.

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pip install fedex==2.4.1


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Author: Greg Taylor, Radek Wojcik
Maintainer: Python FedEx Developers
License: BSD
Status: Stable

What is it?

A light wrapper around FedEx's Webservice Soap API. We don't do much of any validation, but we'll help you sort through the pile of SOAP objects FedEx uses.


The easiest way is via pip or easy_install:

pip install fedex

Quick Start

  • Clone this repository.
  • Edit the file in See examples/ with your fedex credentials and run any of the provided examples.


Refer to the documentation for more details on the project. Latest doc builds are found in docs and doc build scripts in doc_source. Sphinx documentation is in doc_src.

There are also a lot of useful examples under the examples directory within this directory.


Issues & Questions:

Most problems are going to require investigation or a submitted pull request by someone from the Python FedEx Developers organization. To contribute a new feature or service, feel free to create a pull request. We are always looking for new contributors to help maintain the project.

Fedex Support and Documentation

Fedex Support Email:

Developer Portal:

Updates To Services: (FedEx Web Services Announcements)

Related Projects


  • Increase service specific request validation
  • Remove deprecated services (package movement service)
  • Pickup service unit tests


Copyright (C) 2008-2015 Greg Taylor

Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Python FedEx Developers

This software is licensed under the BSD License.

python-fedex is not authored by, endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with FedEx.