Parse FHIR query strings

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pip install fhir-parse-qs==0.8.1



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A library to parse FHIR query strings.

  • Validates type and returns correct object
  • Built-in search parameters from FHIR standard
  • Supports modifiers, prefixes, and chains

Releases 0.7.x and below used FHIR R3 Releases 0.8.x use FHIR R4

The script generates the mappings from the HL7 releases.


from fhir_parse_qs import Search

# supported endpoints
Search.supported --> [...]

# simple use
search = Search('Patient', 'name=bob') # Search(<endpoint>, <query_string>)

# endpoint
search.endpoint --> 'Patient'

# all the namedtuples
search.parsed --> [FHIRSearch(...)]

# index as key; each parameter/value pair gets parsed into a namedtuple
search[0] --> FHIRSearch(...)
search[0].modifier --> None
search[0].prefix --> None
search[0].value --> 'bob'
search[0].parameter --> 'name'
search[0].type_ --> 'string'
search[0].chain --> None

# act like dict with parameter as key
search['name'] --> FHIRSearch(...) #list if non-unique parameter

# iterate over the parameter/value pairs
for x in search:
     print(x) --> FHIRSearch(...)

# ignores and logs unrecognized parameters
search = Search('Patient', 'random=test')
search.error --> [...]

# supports chains (list of lists)
search = Search('Observation', '')
search[0].parameter --> 'name' # last parameter in chain
search[0].value --> 'peter'
search[0].chain --> [[FHIRChain(...), FHIRChain(...)], ...]
search[0].chain[0][0].endpoint = 'Observation'
search[0].chain[0][0].target = 'patient'
search[0].chain[0][0].ttype = 'reference'
search[0].chain[0][1].endpoint = 'Patient'
search[0].chain[0][1].target = 'name'
search[0].chain[0][1].ttype = 'string'

# return control parameters (eg, _sort, _count, etc)
search.control --> [...]