Python library for configuring logs in the FIAAS way

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pip install fiaas-logging==0.1.1


FIAAS Logging

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This library configures logging according to the current FIAAS recomended format.


from fiaas_logging import init_logging


This would configure your application to emit JSON formatted logs on STDOUT.

Available options (all are keyword arguments to init_logging):

Key Possible values Meaning
format json/plain Select either JSON logging, or plain text logging
debug True/False Enable debug logging

The plain format contains the fields timestamp, level name, message, logger name, and thread name. In the json format, there are more fields, with more detail. The fields in the json output are:

Name Meaning
@timestamp Timestamp of message
@version Version, legacy field to support ELK stack at FINN (to be removed?)
LocationInfo A structure describing the code location that logged this message
message The actual log message
extras A structure containing extra fields. Used for thread context
throwable A formatted stacktrace if the log message is the result of an exception