Firebird base modules for Python

Firebird, base, common, library, logging, trace, audit, data, conversion, registry, ZeroMQ, protobuf
pip install firebird-base==1.0.0


Firebird base modules for Python

The firebird-base package provides common Python 3 modules used by Firebird Project in various development projects. However, these modules have general applicability outside the scope of development for Firebird ® RDBMS.

Topic covered by firebird-base package:

  • General data types like singletons, sentinels and objects with identity.
  • Unified system for data conversion from/to string.
  • DataList and Registry collection types with advanced data-processing cappabilities.
  • Work with structured binary buffers.
  • Global registry of Google protobuf messages and enumerations.
  • Extended configuration system based on ConfigParser.
  • Context-based logging.
  • Trace/audit for class instances.
  • General "hook" mechanism.

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