Provides Servlet 3.x API for WSGI apps on Jython

pip install fireside



Blazing fast Servlet 3.x API for WSGI apps running on Jython that works with standard setuptools. Note this is not a direct replacement for ModJy, which offers more support for other types of setups (but not readily for working with setuptools).

Some initial documentation on how to use Fireside is found in the HelloWSGI sample application.

Building, with tests

Currently building requires the following steps:

  1. Execute the shell script; this will build the supporting jar for Fireside (currently fireside-0.1.jar) using Gradle and downloads the required dependencies, javax.servlet-api-3.1.0.jar and guava-19.0.jar

  2. Set up your CLASSPATH: . ./ - this will add the above jars accordingly

  3. jython install

  4. jython test # which implies the above

The tests are written to work with Nose.

Real soon now, Clamp should have Gradle integration to eliminate steps 1 and 2.