Airtable CLI and Python Library

pip install firetable



A CLI tool and Python library for Airtable


Airtable is the best, but sometimes (nay, oftentimes) a web interface is not the best for a workflow. Airtable provides a handy and comprehensive API for downloading and uploading JSON data. Firetable is meant to bridge Airtable and the command line with:

  1. a git-esque command line tool that supports standard UNIX pipes' and
  2. a Python library for using the API directly.

It's called Firetable to preserve the namespace rights in case the Airtable folks want to hand down a blessed package someday, and because I hope to eventually expand this package beyond the simple API stuff into integration with pandas, reportlab, etc.

Things that are Working Right Now

  1. Download a complete table
  2. Download a table view
  3. Download a table restricted to specified fields

Up Next

  1. Add support for sort and filterByFormula parameters.
  2. Add support for POST requests.
  3. Editing
    1. Download data and convert to YAML or Markdown.
    2. Open temp file in default text editor.
    3. Convert back to JSON and upload data.