FIX Protocol testing tool

fix testing, fix, fixprotocol, python, python3, trading, trading-simulator
pip install fixtool==1.0.1




This utility provides a means of establishing a connection, using the FIX protocol, with an existing FIX application. The connection is made from a background agent process, but controlled by either a command-line tool, or a programming language API.

It is intended for use in either ad-hoc FIX testing (using the command-line) or for integration testing of FIX applications, where it can be configured to simulate the intended FIX peer. To automate testing, an existing language unit testing framework is helpful: test cases can be written to exercise your code, and interleaved with that you can drive the FIX peer to confirm receipt of appropriate messages from your application, and to craft responses (both correct and incorrect) to implement your testing scenarios.

The agent process communicates with the command-line tool and programming language APIs using a TCP session. The protocol is simple, and uses JSON-formatted messages.

Language SDKs are planned for Python, Java, DotNET, and possibly Go and C/C++. The command-line client enables use from shell scripts or ad-hoc use from a shell session.


This project is very young. It's nowhere near finished. It probably doesn't do what you need yet.


Comments, suggestions, bug reports, bug fixes -- all contributions to this project are welcomed. See the project's GitHub page for access to the latest source code, and please open an issue for comments, suggestions, and bugs.