Simple directory syncer for Toshiba Flashair SD cards (used in 3D printers).

3d printing, flashair, sync
pip install flashair_sync==0.1.0



Simple non recursive, one way directory sync for Toshiba FlashAir SD cards.

Syncs a local directory to the FlashAir card. (create/modify/delete)

Intended for use in a 3D printer.


$ pip install flashair_sync

or under Windows:

C:\>py -m pip install flashair_sync

Example usage

$ flashair_sync /directory/with/x3g_files x3g s3g

or under Windows:

$ py flashair_sync c:\directory\with\x3g_files x3g s3g

If you want to do an initial sycn to the card, add the -i switch.

--help output

usage: flashair_sync [-h] [-p POLL_INTERVAL] [-i]
                   directory_path flashair_address file_extensions
                   [file_extensions ...]

Watch a directory for change/delete events to files and sync to flashair card
(not recursive!).

positional arguments:
  directory_path        The directory to watch for changes.
  flashair_address      The address of your flashair card, eg.
  file_extensions       Only files that match one of these extensions get

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p POLL_INTERVAL, --poll_interval POLL_INTERVAL
                        How many seconds between directory polls (default is 1).
  -i, --initial_sync    Copy all files that are new or changed to the card on
                        program start, also delete all files on the card which
                        are not in the current directory.  Without this switch
                        only files that are new/modified/deleted after the
                        program start are synced.


Does not yet support unicode filenames (problems with the Requests module).