Add basic i18n functionality for APIs built as Flask apps. Intended to work in conjuction with Flask-Babel

flask, i18n, l10n
pip install flask-i18n==1.1.1



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This project requires Python 3.6 and Flask 0.12


To install it, simply run

pip install flask-i18n


Import it and wrap app

from flask import Flask
from flask_i18n import I18n

app = Flask(__name__)
i18n = I18n(app)

The I18N_DEFAULT_LOCALE config variable is available to use in cases where the language tag can't be determined from the Accept-Language header. It defaults to en.

You can use I18N_LANGUAGE_TAGS in config to setup what language tags your app supports. Then parsing the Accept-Language header with the parse_accept_header method will use that list to get the best available match and store it in the Flask globals var g accessible under g.language_tag.

This extension also exposes a gettext method which can be used to wrap the builtin gettext conveniently. It will use the best match of the Accept-Language header, and Flask-Babel configuration setting BABEL_TRANSLATION_DIRECTORIES to pull the correct translation from your project's gettext files.

It also allows for custom gettext language tag mapping since for flexibility. For example if you want pt to map to pt_BR instead of pt_PT, you can setup config like

I18N_GETTEXT_HACKS = {'pt': 'pt_BR'}

This accomodates non-standard language tag usage which gives pybabel major issues.


This project was written and tested with Python 3.6.

On a mac you can use the following commands to get up and running.

brew install python

Otherwise run

brew upgrade python

to make sure you have an up to date version.

Setup the project env like

python -m venv venv
pip install -r requirements.txt -r requirements-dev.txt

Then load your virtualenv with

source venv/bin/activate

Or you can do something similar using your favorite virtualenv tool.

This project uses pip-tools for dependency management. Install pip-tools

pip install pip-tools

Make sure the following environment variables are set

export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`

Running tests

./linters.sh && coverage run --source=flask_i18n/ setup.py test

Before committing any code

We have a pre-commit hook which should be setup. You can symlink it to run before each commit by changing directory to the repo and running

cd .git/hooks
ln -s ../../pre-commit pre-commit