Presents PynamoDB models (DynamoDB tables) as Flask-RESTX resources

pip install flask-pynamodb-resource==0.2.2


Flask PynamoDB Resource

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Presents PynamoDB models (DynamoDB tables) as Flask-RESTX resources.

Release Notes

As of release 1.0.0, this module creates resources using Flask-RESTX (formerly Flask-RESTPlus) instead of Flask-RESTful. If you register your models with a Flask App or Blueprint, you will find a Swagger UI and definition available at '/docs' and '/swagger.json'. If you register them with a Flask-RESTX API, they will simply be added to your existing API definition.

This brings with it some changes to the serialization of a few contentious types such a date/datetime. Previously these were either a string or number, depending on what type you used in PynamoDB. Now they should be reliably serialized as a ISO8601 datetime string.


flask_pynamodb_resource provides factory methods to generate Flask-RESTX resources for PynamoDB Models and Indexes:

    Create a resource class for the given model.

indexresource_factory(index, name=None)
    Create a resource class for the given index.


Several simple REST APIs based on PynamoDB example are available in the examples directory.