Runs pytest in a background process when DEBUG is True.

pip install flask-pytest==0.0.5



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Runs pytest in a background process when DEBUG is True.


Running tests shouldn't be something you have to go out of your way to do. With this Flask extension, the tests will be automatically be run for you, and re-run when code changes.


$ pip install flask-pytest


Add app = FlaskPytest(app) to your project:

from flask import Flask
from flask.ext.pytest import FlaskPytest

app = Flask(__name__)

app = FlaskPytest(app)  # <-- Add this line

def hello():
    return 'Hello World!'

DEBUG = True

Your tests will now be run in the background:

 * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
 * Restarting with reloader
Running tests...
3 passed in 1.20 seconds

If a test fails, you'll hear a beep and see the output. Change a source file to reload the development server like normal, which will now re-run the tests.


Flask-pytest runs out-of-the-box without any config. However, you may want to tweak the behavior here and there. Here's a list of available settings you can add to your app.config:

  • FLASK_PYTEST_ENABLED: Set to True to run tests regardless of DEBUG, or to False to disable the extension entirely. If None, the extension will run when DEBUG is True. Default: None

  • FLASK_PYTEST_BEEP: Beep when pytest returns a non-zero exit code. Default: True

  • FLASK_PYTEST_EXITFIRST: Stops running tests if a test fails. Default: True

  • FLASK_PYTEST_QUIET: Runs pytest in quiet mode. Default: True


  1. Check the open issues or open a new issue to start a discussion around your feature idea or the bug you found
  2. Fork the repository, make your changes, and add yourself to Authors.md
  3. Send a pull request

If your PR has been waiting a while, feel free to ping me on Twitter.