Python helpers for manipulating datetime objects relative to time zones

python, datetime, pytz, timezone, timedelta, arithmetic, floor, conversion
pip install fleming==0.7.0

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Fleming contains a set of routines for doing datetime manipulation. Named after Sandford Fleming, the father of worldwide standard timezones, this package is meant to aid datetime manipulations with regards to timezones.

Fleming addresses some of the common difficulties with timezones and datetime objects, such as performing arithmetic and datetime truncation across a Daylight Savings Time border. It also provides utilities for generating date ranges and getting unix times with respect to timezones.

Fleming accepts pytz timezone objects as parameters, and it is assumed that the user has a basic understanding of pytz. Click here for more information about pytz.


To install the latest release, type:

pip install fleming

To install the latest code directly from source, type:

pip install git+git://


Full documentation is available at


MIT License (see LICENSE.rst)