Utilities for flight recorders

pip install flightrecorder==0.9.4



Utilities for flight recorders Copyright (C) 2011 Tom Payne twpayne@gmail.com

Supported flight recorders

Flytec: 5020, 5030, 6015, 6020, 6030

Brauniger: Competino, Competino+, Compeo, Compeo+, Galileo, IQ-Basic

Flymaster: B1 Nav



pip install flightrecorder


Downloading tracklogs

To download all tracklogs, just run


The program will attempt to detect your flight recorder.

Uploading waypoints

flightrecorder waypoint upload filename.wpt

Downloading waypoints

flightrecorder waypoints > filename.wpt

Removing waypoints

To remove all waypoints, run

flightrecorder waypoints remove

To remove selected waypoints, run

flightrecorder waypoints remove name1 [name2 ...]


flightrecorder flash firmware-filename

firmware-filename is the name of the file containing the firmware. The program is fairly clever and can extract firmware from .exe files, .zip files, as well as obfuscated and unobfuscated firmware files (.moc).

Getting parameters

flightrecorder get parameter

Valid values of parameter depend on the flight recorder model, but can include glider_id, glider_type, pilot_name, recording_interval, utc_offset, civl_id, and competition_id.

Setting parameters

flightrecorder set parameter value


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