Python modules to interact with Fortigate configuration rest and ssh

pip install fortigateconf==0.4.3



Python library to configure Fortigate/Fortios devices (REST API and SSH)

Ready for config management.

Compare to the REST API there a few add-ons: In addition to get,put,post,delete methods there is a set which will try to post and if failing will put and collect the mkey directly. The lib will also find the mkey for you


You can find and propose examples here: Separated to avoid cluttering those who integrate the fortiosapi module.

## New overlay configuration

You now have an overlayconfig call which can be pass a complex configuration change in yaml. Including multiple endpoints (name/path) as the simple example below shows:

      "scan-mode": "quick"
      'http': {"options": "scan avmonitor",}
      "emulator": "enable"
      'name': "Testfortiosapi"
      'action': "accept"
      'srcintf': [{"name": "port1"}]
      'dstintf': [{"name": "port2"}]
      'srcaddr': [{"name": "all"}]
      'dstaddr': [{"name": "all"}]
      'schedule': "always"
      'service': [{"name": "HTTPS"}]
      "utm-status": "enable"
      "profile-type": "single"
      'av-profile': "apisettree"
      'profile-protocol-options': "default"
      'ssl-ssh-profile': "certificate-inspection"
      'logtraffic': "all"

The behaviour will be the change the parameters at the higher level first then do a serie of set on the tables. Will fail if one of the set fails. Order of commands should be preserved.

Login methods


Token (api key) documented in the Fortigate API Spec that you can find if having an account on

Multi vdom

In multi vdom environment use vdom=global in the API call. As it is a reserved word the API will switch to use the global=1 and take care of the differences in the repsonses.


There is a get_schema call and an example to get the schema of the differents methods to ease writting them.

License (5.6)

A rest call to check and force license validation check starting with 5.6 See license. usage of schema and mkey for every call for 5.6

License validity is now checked at login


Test driven development

In tests folder you will find a tox based set of tests as examples. The test_fortiosapi_virsh need you to have virsh access, especially to the console. This allow to perform actions automatically from the CLI and check API calls actual results. Other tests are welcomed.

Files upload/download

You will find the calls to exchange files (config, logs, licenses) with Fortigate in this LIB

Known Usage

Fortiosapi library is used in Fortinet Ansible modules and in Cloudify plugins. Maintained mainly by Fortinet employees.