Generate memorable pass phrases

pip install fraise==1.5.2



A Python module for generating correct horse battery staple like random passphrases.


pip install fraise


As an application

$ fraise --help
usage: fraise [-h] [--max-word-length MAX_WORD_LENGTH]
              [--minimum-length MINIMUM_LENGTH] [--separator SEPARATOR]
              [--word-count WORD_COUNT] [--capitalized]

Generate memorable passphrases

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --max-word-length MAX_WORD_LENGTH
                        The maximum length of each word (default 8)
  --minimum-length MINIMUM_LENGTH
                        Minimum length of the phrase (default 16)
  --separator SEPARATOR
                        What to put inbetween the words (default space)
  --word-count WORD_COUNT
                        How many words to include in the phrase (default 4)
  --capitalized         Capitalize the first letter of each word in the phrase

As a library

>>> import fraise

# By default, generate will return four lowercase words
>>> fraise.generate()
'luck unrewarded ghosts accumulation'

# Set the number of words
>>> fraise.generate(word_count=8)
'broadband hansom heaving inroad flyweight shopping abets realty'

# Require a passphrase of at least n character
>>> fraise.generate(minimum_length=32)
'virile pullets resuming worst unengaged phosphates'

# Change the separation character
>>> fraise.generate(separator='-')

# Only use words of n characters or less
>>> fraise.generate(max_word_length=4)
'duct pond anon four'

# Capitalize each word
>>> fraise.generate(capitalize=True)
'Sinter Lean Filament Gossip'


Please fork the repository and raise a pull request (PR). PRs require one approval in order to be merged into the master branch.

Issue tracking is maintained on a public Trello board. Please contact the repo owner if you would like access to the board. Commits should be prefixed with the Trello card ref, for example "FR-100 Did the thing". A link to the PR should be added to the card.

Initial setup

make init


make test


make build

Tests will be run first and the directory cleaned.


make release