A command-line tool for MP3 tagging and renaming.

pip install freitag==0.1.2



FreiTag is a command line tool to tag and rename your MP3s. It can:

  • print MP3s tags,
  • tag MP3s according to values you specify,
  • tag MP3s extracting tag values from the file name,
  • rename MP3s using tags,
  • humanize tags.


Just use pip or easy_install:

$ pip install freitag


Printing tags

FreiTag can print tags according to a format you specify. Just type:

$ freitag get song.mp3 --format="%artist - %title.mp3"
Bob Marley - One Love.mp3

The format string can contain the following placeholders:

  • %artist
  • %title
  • %album
  • %tracknumber
  • %date
  • %discnumber

Setting tags

To set specific values for the song tags, use the following parameters:

  • --artist
  • --title
  • --album
  • --tracknumber
  • --date
  • --discnumber

For example:

$ freitag set song.mp3 --title="Exodus"
$ freitag get song.mp3 --format="%artist - %title"
Bob Marley - Exodus

Extracting tags

If your file is well-named but its tags are wrong and/or missing, you can extract tags from the file name itself. Of course you'll have to specify the format used by the name of the file.

$ freitag extract "03 - One Love - Bob Marley.mp3" --format "%tracknumber - %title - %artist.mp3"
$ freitag get "03 - One Love - Bob Marley.mp3" --format "%artist - %title"
Bob Marley - One Love

Don't forget to include the file extension in the extraction format!


You can rename your MP3s accorsing to their tags:

$ freitag rename 01_-_bob_marley_-_one_love.mp3 --format="%tracknumber - %artist - %title.mp3"
# 01 - Bob Marley - One Love.mp3

Remember to include the extension in the format.


FreiTag can improve your song's tags removing underscores (_) and capitalizing words.

$ freitag get song.mp3 --format "%artist - %title"
bob marley - One_love
$ freitag humanize song.mp3
$ freitag get song.mp3 --format "%artist - %title"
Bob Marley - One Love