A Blog for Plone

ftw blog
pip install ftw.blog==1.8.1



ftw.blog provides a blog implementation for Plone featuring tags and categories.

A user can add a new blog entry and tag it using tags and categories. Available categories are defined by the creator of the blog, whilst tags can be added freely by the author of a blog entry.

Blog entries are listed in chronological order, in a tag cloud, by categories, and in a monthly archive. Entries can be searched by using the search function of the blog.

Enable commenting by activating the global_allowed setting in the @@discussion-settings view.

You can enable a lead image for BlogEntries (Configuration registry). It's disabled by default. If enabled you are able to add an image to a BlogEntry. It will be shown on the BlogEntry itself and on the Blog overview

BlogEntry collection portlet. This portlet lists blog entries sorted by creation date. You can show blog entries of multiple blog instances. It's also possible to show the leadimage and the description of a blog entry.

Use ftw.blog [zip_export] if you want to enable zip export. Blogs will be exported as a PDF.


  • Add ftw.blog to your buildout configuration
eggs =
  • Run buildout
  • Install ftw.blog in portal_setup


This package provides an uninstall Generic Setup profile, however, it will not uninstall the package dependencies. Make sure to uninstall the dependencies if you no longer use them.



This package is copyright by 4teamwork.

ftw.blog is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.