General tools for Astronomical Time Series in Python

pip install gatspy==0.3


gatspy: General tools for Astronomical Time Series in Python

Gatspy (pronounced as F. Scott Fitzgerald would probably pronounce it) is a collection of tools for analyzing astronomical time series in Python. Documentation can be found at

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For examples of using gatspy, refer to the example notebooks in the package (powered by nbviewer)


You can install the released version of gatspy using

$ pip install gatspy

or install the source from this directory using

$ python install

The package is pure python (i.e. no C or Fortran extensions) so there should be no problems with installation on any system. Gatspy has the following dependencies:

Additionally, for some of the functionality gatspy optionally depends on:

Unit Tests

Gatspy uses nose for unit tests. With nosetests installed, type

$ nosetests gatspy

to run the unit tests.

The tests are run on Python versions 2.7, 3.4, and 3.5.



If you use this code in an academic publication, please consider including a citation. Citation information in a variety of formats can be found on zenodo.

Please also see our paper describing the multiband methods in this package: VanderPlas & Ivezic (2015).