Python Client for Google Cloud Pub/Sub

pip install gcloud-aio-pubsub==5.0.0


(Asyncio OR Threadsafe) Google Cloud Client Library for Python

This repository contains a shared codebase for two projects: gcloud-aio-* and gcloud-rest-*. Both of them are HTTP implementations of the Google Cloud client libraries. The former has been built to work with Python 3's asyncio. The later is a threadsafe requests-based implementation which should be compatible all the way back to Python 2.7.

CircleCI Test Status Python Version Support (aio) Python Version Support (rest)

The following clients are available:


$ pip install --upgrade gcloud-{aio,rest}-{client_name}


Here are notes on compatibility issues. While we cannot offer specific support for issues originating from other projects, we can point toward known resolutions.

  • Google Cloud Functions pins yarl; gcloud-aio-* indirectly requires yarl via aiohttp and an unpinned version of yarl can cause your cloud functions to stop building. Please pin your requirements as described here: Google Cloud Function Dependencies.


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