Small package used to analyze or improve gcp security of GCP cloud resources

pip install gcpsecurity==0.0.6


This Package helps to improve GCP project security and reduce billing from unused resources by performing some checks

This script is worked for individual GCP project not on organization or folder level

package installation

pip3 install gcpsecurity

Ensure google cloud platform API is enable for particular service on which you want to perform check


Enable api for data proc
Enable api for app engine ...etc

How to use ??

step 1: Import classes to perform checks
    from gcpsecurity.gcp_vm import ExecuteCheckVm
    from gcpsecurity.gcp_iam import ExecuteCheckIam
    from gcpsecurity.gcp_vpc import ExecuteCheckVpc
    from gcpsecurity.gcp_gcs import ExecuteCheckGcs
    from gcpsecurity.gcp_cloud_sql import ExecuteCheckSql
    from gcpsecurity.gcp_app_engine import ExecuteCheckGae
    from gcpsecurity.gcp_data_proc import ExecuteCheckDp
step 2: Create GCP service account with project viewer permission
step 3: Initlize ExecuteCheck class with service account file path and project id
        vm = ExecuteCheckVm(servive_account_file_path=SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_PATH, project_id=PROJECT_ID)
        vpc = ExecuteCheckVpc(servive_account_file_path=SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_PATH, project_id=PROJECT_ID)
        iam = ExecuteCheckIam(servive_account_file_path=SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_PATH, project_id=PROJECT_ID)
        gcs = ExecuteCheckGcs(servive_account_file_path=SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_PATH, project_id=PROJECT_ID)
        sql = ExecuteCheckSql(servive_account_file_path=SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_PATH, project_id=PROJECT_ID)
        gae = ExecuteCheckGae(servive_account_file_path=SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_PATH, project_id=PROJECT_ID)
        dp = ExecuteCheckDp(servive_account_file_path=SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_PATH, project_id=PROJECT_ID)

step 4: Call perform_check() method of ExecuteCheck classes object

        vm_result = vm.perform_check()
        vpc_result = vpc.perform_check()
        iam_result = iam.perform_check()
        gcs_result = gcs.perform_check()
        sql_result = sql.perform_check()
        gae_result = gae.perform_check()
        dp_result = dp.perform_check()

step 5: Print results

Example script - https://github.com/Aadeshkale/gcp-security/blob/master/main.py

** Note:- service account file should have appropriate permissions to perform checks That is Project Viewer (You can set permissions as per service also)

** Note :-Script might take time to execute because it is make googleapis calls

** To add other checks as per your use got to package gcpsecurity add checks in existing services scripts or add new scripts for new services

reference :- https://github.com/Aadeshkale/gcp-security/tree/master/gcpsecurity