A python library for generating map tiles based on script.

gdal2tiles, gdal, gis, python
pip install gdal2tiles==0.1.9



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A python library for generating map tiles inspired by from GDAL project.


  • GDAL development header files, sometimes available as libgdal-dev or libgdal-devel packages.


To install gdal2tiles library you can use pip:

$ pip install gdal2tiles

Basic usage

import gdal2tiles

gdal2tiles.generate_tiles('/path/to/input_file', '/path/to/output_dir/')

You can also pass various keyword as optional keyword arguments to generate_tiles() function. For example

gdal2tiles.generate_tiles('input_file', 'output_dir/', nb_processes=2, zoom='7-9')


options = {'zoom': (7, 9), 'resume': True}
gdal2tiles.generate_tiles('input_file', 'output_dir/', **options)

In general

gdal2tiles.generate_tiles(input_file, output_folder, **options)

input_file (str): Path to input file.

output_folder (str): Path to output folder.

options: Tile generation options.

profile (str): Tile cutting profile (mercator,geodetic,raster) - default
'mercator' (Google Maps compatible)
resampling (str): Resampling method (average,near,bilinear,cubic,cubicsp
line,lanczos,antialias) - default 'average'

s_srs: The spatial reference system used for the source input data

zoom: Zoom levels to render; format: '[int min, int max]',
'min-max' or 'int/str zoomlevel'.

tile_size (int): Size of tiles to render - default 256

resume (bool): Resume mode. Generate only missing files.

srcnodata: NODATA transparency value to assign to the input data

tmscompatible (bool): When using the geodetic profile, specifies the base
resolution as 0.703125 or 2 tiles at zoom level 0.

verbose (bool): Print status messages to stdout

kml (bool): Generate KML for Google Earth - default for 'geodetic'
profile and 'raster' in EPSG:4326. For a dataset with different projection use with caution!

url (str): URL address where the generated tiles are going to be published

webviewer (str): Web viewer to generate (all,google,openlayers,none) -
default 'all'

title (str): Title of the map

copyright (str): Copyright for the map

googlekey (str): Google Maps API key from

bingkey (str): Bing Maps API key from

nb_processes (int): Number of processes to use for tiling.