A module that provides access to .gd URL Shortener

url, shortener, gd
pip install gdshortener==1.0.1


GD Shortener

Python Module for - URL Shortener.

What is this?

GD Shortener allow Python software to access - URL shortener service.

Using this module you could shorten an URL to a small one like Twitter does for its link.

This service is provided by - and, thru the classes in this module, you could view stats on shortened URLs and obtain reverse lookup on URLs.


To install GD Shortener, run the following command:

pip install gdshortener


After install, to use GD Shortener is sufficient to import the package, choose the implementing class ISGDShortener or VGDShortener (it maps to or and use the following code:

import gdshortener

s = gdshortener.ISGDShortener()
print s.shorten('')

If you want statistic usage on a URL use:

print s.shorten(url = '', log_stat = True)

If you want a custom URL use:

print s.shorten(url = '', custom_url = 'Pippus')

If you want to ignore SSL certificate (for older version of OpenSSL):

print s.shorten(url = '', verify_ssl = False)

If you have an already shortened URL and want a reverse lookup:

print s.lookup('')


GD Shortener is licensed under LGPL. See LICENSE.txt for details.