A helper package to read and write GAMS GDX files

pip install gdxtools==0.1.81



gdxtools currently contains two classes (gdxReader and gdxWriter) that enable rapid read and write operations of GAMS GDX files. These 'helper' classes will allow the user to interface with the GAMS python API through a more intuitive interface (enabled by python dicts). Examples are provided at https://github.com/boxblox/gdxtools.


pip install gdxtools


The example file that is included here shows how these classes are utilizied in reading from the 'transport_out.gdx' file with 'gdx_reader'. The example file also includes an implementation of 'gdx_writer' that creates 'transport_out_chk.gdx'. The user can use the GAMS utility 'gdxdiff' to view the differences between the original GDX file and the newly created check GDX file. At this time gdxrw does not write equations or variables into a GDX file (but it will read).


Python 3, GAMS API (manual installation required, see: https://www.gams.com/latest/docs/API_PY_TUTORIAL.html)

An error(s) (such as the ones below) will be thrown if the GAMS API has not been installed:

"ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement gams (from gdxtools) (from versions: none)" "ERROR: No matching distribution found for gams (from gdxtools)"