Django middleware to insert a redirect lightbox based on users IP

pip install geoipredirect==0.2.0


GEOIP-REDIRECT Middleware & Decorators

A django app to redirect based on an ip lookup


Installing this is pretty simple - add the middleware and then configure it as you need. You can test it by giving it an IP to always return regardless of the user's current REMOTE_ADDR value. You can either enable the middleware to process all views or alternativly import geoip_redirect and add it as a decorator to your particular view(s).

To activate the middleware add:


To your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES tuple and geoip to your INSTALLED_APPS. To use it on a view instead then do the following:

from geoip.decorators import geoip_redirect

def my_view(request):
    return HttpResponse('test')

Configuration & Usage

You have 2 options - you can enable REDIRECT_ALL in the geoip settings file & supply a list of codes or you can add admin entries with custom text and domains per country code.

So if you want to just redirect France, Great Britain and Germany and you don't want to have different targets for each you could just set REDIRECT_ALL to True and then set REDIRECT_CODES to ['GB', 'FR', 'DE']. Alternativly you can add set it to False and add entries to the admin within Ip Redirect Entry.

You can avoid handling particular URLs on the site by adding them to the IgnoreURL patterns and settings PROCESS_IGNORES to True in settings. This will do a lookup when the middleware starts and cache a list of URLs to ignore. These are simply CharFields for now.

If you only want the redirect to appear when a user lands on the homepage (in this case a request.path matching "/") then set HOMEPAGE_ONLY to True. This will force the middleware to return the normal response when other sub-urls are accessed.

For now if you want that "remember choice" checkbox to work you need to hook in a url to your conf:

# handle save target redirect cookie
(r'geoip/savetarget/', 'geoip.views.save_target'),

This part also reliies on jQuery being present to do the POST submit via ajax.

Ip Lookup Data source

Database via: maxmind

You can force in a "blank" field to be populated via the autoincrement with awk:

awk '{print ","$0}' geo.csv  > geo2.csv

And then load in via a CSV import

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE "geo2.csv" INTO TABLE geoip_geoiprecord


You should be aware that within this the UK is set as GB when you add an "ip redirect entry".


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