Geomodelr is the open source query tool for models. It contains the basic algorithm too, if you want to take a look.

pip install geomodelr==0.1.12


Welcome to geomodelr's query tool

Geomodelr is a web tool for creating geological models easily. To create a geological model, go to After creating your geological model you might want to use it for calculations, geostatistics, simulations, or simply to know what geological unit is present at a given path. With this tool you can do all that.

To use geomodelr query tool you just need to:

import geomodelr
# load your model.
model = geomodelr.model_from_file('/path/to/your/model_version.json')
# query your model.
unit, distance = model.closest((1000, 1000, 0.0))
# do stuff...
if unit == 'Batholith':

You can also use this tool as a script.

$ geomodelr -q /path/to/your/model_version.json
x y z


  • Query the model in the coordinate system you defined.
  • Query the topography heights and query the model with topography in mind.
  • Query the intersection of faults and planes.
  • Generate grids, use it as a help tool to generate meshes, assign properties for simulations or create block models.
  • What do you want to do?


Install project by calling:

pip install geomodelr

It needs boost libraries and C++ compiler. In case boost libraries are not in a standard location, call it with INCLUDE_DIRS=... and/or LIBRARY_DIRS=...


If you are having problems, write to


Geomodelr's query tool is licensed under the Affero GPL license