Map server to view, measure and print maps in a web browserand to display maps as an overlay in google earth.

maps, google earth, overlay, map printing, google-earth, mapping
pip install geos==0.2.1


Google Earth Overlay Server (GEOS)

This is a python-based server for creating Google Earth overlays of tiled maps. Your can now also display maps in the web browser, measure distances and print maps as high-quality PDF's.

geos google earth

Developers can also use GEOS as a library to convert coordinates or to access the map printing functionality programmatically.

NEW: geos-web

Use GEOS on the web without installation on Note that for legal reasons, the public version comes with a very limited set of maps. You still can install and use GEOS locally with full flexibility!

Documentation is available at


Can GEOS become a unified interface for converting, displaying and using web maps? Like a web-based version of the seemingly old-fashioned MOBAC?

Imagine you can draw and measure on a map like in Swisstopo, download paper maps as simple as with and create an offline map for your GPS device just as with MOBAC for any map out there simply in your web browser.


If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to me, feel free to fork and create pull requests or simply drop me a message.


If you want to setup geos on a server, you might as well consider MapProxy, which is much more professional but a bit more challenging to configure.